Tuesday, 20 July 2010


Something completely new?

There is nothing new under the sun but here is a fundraising scheme that may not have been utilised before in Conductive Education. It comes from Legacy Rainbow House, in Lancashire, England:

Corporate Team Building Days

The Legacy Rainbow House is now offering as part of its range of services, the chance to participate in an inspiring and uplifting Team Building day with your work colleagues and managers.
Each day can be tailor made to suit the size of your company and the number of attendees.  We are able to accommodate groups from 6 to 100 people.
I enjoyed the whole day from start to finish. The variety made the day very enjoyable – JMW Solicitors
My favourite part of the day was seeing the children in their therapy sessions – Friends Provident


Congratulations to Rainbow House for this nice two-pronged attack up on the two linked problems of sustaining income and widening awareness, especially perhaps the local awareness on which so much successful financial support depends.

Others may wish to look into this approach.. It would be welcome if the people at Rainbow House could say more about what is involved in such experiences and what outcomes are achieved. What are the pluses of doing this, and what the minuss? Money is ever harder to come by, competition for what there is gets tougher and tougher, established mines are being worked dry, and old ways of doing are just that – done. New ways are desperately needed and this one capitalises directly upon Conductive Education's most valuable. property its peopleand what thye do and become.

So especial congratulations in these competitive times for sharing this simple but powerful idea so openly amd generously. Not a lot of people might do this.
Do any other centres or programs have relevant experiences to share? Or is nobody telling?

(BTW, what does it take for participants not to go away testifying about 'children in their therapy sessions'?)


  1. For the interest of others, i'm one of the conductors on the other side of these corporate training days. We've done a few this year and they've been successful. The teambuilding aspects of the day are provided in-house by fundrasing/corporate team and i am not sure of the nature of this part of the day although they look to be quite fun. Included in the day is sitting-in on the various classrooms in the building (i.e. CE sessions, Early Years Classroom, Physiotherapy sessions, Sensory room). During these times the classroom staff explain what we are doing, how we work, info on CE etc... and we make sure that what they see of the sessions is the easiest to understand, see the child being active/independent etc... so that they can get as much from it as possible. So far everyone has been really interested/affected by watching the CE sessions that i've been involved with and we've definitely had good verbal feedback as well as financial/resource/people supporting us following these teambuilding sessions. Of course, on a practical level we provide our CE sessionally and so the visitors mean a disruption in the session, but of course having visitors is a regular occurrance and appreciatively it is neccesary for us to be able to continue to do what we do. So, from our point of view the teambuilding sessions seeem to be working well and tend to be on varying days of the week etc... they haven't really got in the way of our priorities for the children. the organisers of the sessions have also been really flexible with when they can come into the sessions which has been a huge help. And, of course, it is nice to be able to show off what we do too! i'm sure the staff who organise the sessions would happily elaborate on the details if anyone wanted to know more - let me know and i can put you in touch.


  2. Thanks, Jules, for your generous comment.

    Yes, it would be very nice if one of your colleagues could provide something on the 'team-building' part...