Tuesday, 13 July 2010

How deplorable

Read it for yourself – especially if you are a woman in your forties and employed by a small medical or social welfare charity. It seems to be on the increase:

This reports a specially commissioned survey of 672 people working in some 160 charities. Speaking for the union Unite, Rachael Maskell commented –

Bullying is on the increase, The economic situation is having an impact. There's less money for training, so worse behaviours are being exhibited and there's more competition, leading to a dog-eat-dog culture.

I would, however, question the figures. They are much lower than in the academic studies. This sector has the highest level of bullying and these results show too good a picture by far.

Is the charitable sector really worse for bullying than the public and private sectors. Is this really product of present economic stress? Do other countries suffer this same blight?

It applies to conductors too:

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