Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Issues, challenges, delivery, success, quality, achievers, touchy topics...

Conductive Education has them too

Early this morning, Norman Perrin emailed me a little present, a URL:

Beeing a tidy person, though, he wrapped it neatly (bitly even) as:

It is an article is by Robert Fisk, from Saturday's Independent newspaper:

Fisk, R. (2010) Newspeak: why the BBC has an 'issue' with problems, Independent, 3 July

The following extract offers a flavour:

What all these words – issues, challenges, delivery, success, quality, achievers, touchy topics – have in common is the essential lie: that everything is for the good; that problems, disasters, third-rate work or bloodbaths simply don't exist, or are at best to be regarded as "touchy topics", something we don't need to hear about or for which we should be forewarned.

Norman's succinct gift-tag read –

I thought you might enjoy this.

Too right I did, Norman. The forthcoming World Congress of Conductive Education will be bringing a feast of such enjoyments. I look forward to collecting and sharing some jolly examples, as I am glad to share Norman's little gift here.

NB I am not thinking here of English spoken as a second language, the speakers of which attract my (almost unqualified) admiration.

My own list (probably needs updating!)

Sutton, A. (2009a) Some warm fuzzy weasels that I hate: some thoughts about language, Conductive World, 22 September

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