Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Keep Mum

She's not so dumb

There is a whole universe of blogging out there, far, far bigger than the teeny-weeny world of the CE-blogosphere, and there are areas of specific interest for blogs to pick up on that are at least as odd-ball as Conductive Education. Sometimes other bogs out there spot things in the little world of Conductive Education.

Mystery email

Do you recall a posting on Conductive World on 11 June, about a mystery research email? It concluded –

When it is not possible to tell for sure whether, prima facie, a research enquiry is genuine or some sort of spoof , then the field is in trouble.

I have just come across a blog called Spoof Info – Stay Safe & Anonymous. How To Spoof Your Phone Number, IP Address, Email Address, Etc:

Spoof Info is a premier resource for Caller ID Spoofing, SMS Spoofing, IP Spoofing, and E-Mail Spoofing.

This seems mainly a do-it-yourself guide for those who wish to keep things hush-hush and secretive, so it may prove useful to those people who are of that persuasion in Conductive Education, so I share it here as a public service:

On 11 June Spoof Info picked up and notified my puzzled research-email posting of that day on Conductive World:

It is a shame that I has not known about Spoof Info till today. It offers the facility to comment on its postings but this is open only for a limited time.. The research email in question had been originally sent to Susie Mallett. She stayed on the case and found that the email had in fact been genuine, coming from a real university research project (she tells me that she hopes to blog on this when she receives its final report). If I had known of  Spoof Info earlier could have commented and put the record straight.

Spoof Info did not subsequently pick up on my puzzled posting of 6 July, the one about the Romanian man's appeal for three weeks at the Pető Institute:

Tdy's posting used the (here) unfamiliar words 'spoof' and 'spoofing', so maybe this one will be spotted too! In truth, though, we never know what may be picked up 'from outside', and it may be only by chance that we find out whether anything is.

Keeping Mum

The title of this posting refers to the well-known British wartime propaganda poster that bore this slogan.

'Mum' means silent, in British English anyway. 'Keeping Mum' means keeping quiet, not telling.

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