Thursday, 8 July 2010

Leaking out

Telling beyond the goldfish bowl

The best thing that Conductive Education can do on the Internet is not to speak to itself but have its voice heard in contexts far outside the Conductive Education goldfish bowl (another reason to try and better what is said within – for you never know what will get picked up).

Here is a happy example, sparked by the Manitoba centre's video and website, in response to which Education Equity Intl. writes on its blog –

We often narrow our view of education as a classroom and homework type venture. Most of us would agree that it extends into various parts of our lives, including the education of our values, cultural, social dynamics, sports, etc. Recently, by chance, I heard about conductive education, and found it surprisingly refreshing.  Education equity is  universal, and not restrained to economic, geographic, and political considerations but also in terms of wider aspects of the human experience.

Stephen Chemsak and Sina Mossayeb have the nous to see the sense and implications of Conductive Education. Lots of people do. What a refreshing change to be reminded from time to time that there are such folk out there (usually well away from those more directly involved!).

Education Equity Intl. blogs from Columbia Teachers College, NY, and covers issues, research, action, movements and news in the field of education.


Chemsak, S., Mossayeb, S. (2010) Conductive Education, Education Equity Intl., 8 July

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