Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Lost in space – II

A true Marie Celeste

Drifting empty and abandoned in Cyberspace is the empty hulk of the once lavish Hungarian website Konduktor:

This ran from 2006 to 2008. Its design was extraordinarily lush and it carried a wide range of informational pages, a blog and a forum. The language was Hungarian.

It is still there for anyone to find and tiptoe aboard. Most of its informational pages are no longer available but its forum is still there (last entry, June 2008). The clock ticks on but most systems are closed down (I have just tried to register for example: I could fill in my details but it would not accept them).

The last job advert was dated 31 March of this year:

This 'portal' looks just what Hungarian conductors might have needed – and perhaps still do. That is is still up there at all, shipshape and tidy (not invaded by pirate adverts for porn, drugs and the like, as are the two big, derelict US sites), suggests that Gabi might one day reactivate it.

I do hope so.

Gabi? Gabi who?

I don't know. Can anybody help?

What happened?

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