Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Next World Congress deadline: 31 July

Virtual party ready to begin

It is now only 144 days till the formal opening of the Conductive Education World Congress in Hong Kong in December:

Whether or not you personally intend going, this promises manifest a pivotal moment in the history of Conductive Education.

Register early and cut the cost

You have a much closer deadline than December if you wish to enjoy the 'Early Bird Rate' (reduced registration fee). If you do this, then registration and payment must be received no later than 31 July 2010:


Even if you are not there, the event will be more open to the world than any previous such gatherings in Conductive Educationhave been, for at least four CE-bloggers have already committed to attending.

And for those who register to attend, then the Congress's own social network is already on line:

The state of play

The conference-organisers now have a colossal task on their hands in putting together the accepted submissions for oral and poster presentations to form a coherent programme.

Those who will be presenting there now have have 144 days to be sure that they have something to say!

Everyone who intends going, as presenters or simply as participants, has practical decisions and arrangements to make.

People are already reaching out to find who else is going, and to explore common arrangements for travel, accommodation and leisure.

The Social Network Platform

Think of this as being like a big party. The tables have been set and a few folk are already there, people who have got in early because they helped arrange the event – or know the people who did. Some of these already know each other, others do not. There is some polite self-introduction, and a little subdued small talk, but basically they stand and wait...

They are waiting for the gates to open and the crowd to push in. This will happen when those who have had their submissions confirmed write back to confirm their registration. Another gate will open as those who do not wish to present – but still want to attend – also rush in to catch the Early Bird offer.

Then there will be more people who know each other, more self introductions and more introductions of friends to strangers.

And as the days pass, stragglers and late-comers will be still joining the crush, right up to the last minute and the start of the real-world Congress. And as at every party, there will be those who  put off their arrival till the last possible moment, purposely, either so as to be able to sneak in quietly without attracting attention – or to make a grand entrance that everybody will see!

The babble of conversation will rise, the range of topics expand – and the Congress should have effectively begun – on line – long before anyone sets out for Hong Kong!

That is what should happen, anyway. Let us hope that Conductive Education can rise to this.

Sorry, but if you do not register for the real-life Congress then you do not get to join this virtual conversation. No doubt, however, matters of wider interest arising will still be passed out beyond the walls – and important messages from outside conveyed to those within.


  1. I would love to go! However, I have to chose your virtual party instead. It is a money isssue indeed. I tried to find supporters, grants, etc. but no luck, so I am waiting for your party...

  2. Not my party, Laci. I'm just a guest.

    Yes, in any sector money is always a major factor in deciding who can go to such an event and who not,. Whole constituencies may be excluded, students, young workers, older workers in the front line, low-status employment-groups like assistants and those who work in funding, administration etc, volunteers, supporters and trustees, and above all parents of children, and disabled people and their families (I have consciously left out children but I know that others might not).

    The selective population that does makes it there (and may then seem to speak for the field) is inevitably atypical. I stress again that I imply nothing unique to CE here! Nor of course is the underlying mechanism a new one:

    'For to every one that hath shall be given, and he shall have abundance: but from him that hath not shall be taken away even that which he hath'.

    All rather discriminatory.

    One more deprivation for you. Unless you pay to register, then you will not get into the virtual party (the Social Networking Platform) either.


  3. Dear Andrew!

    We are coming! 7-8 participents from Move & Walk and some respectives are coming. We are looking for the best flight and hotel possibilities as we have a group. We are planinng to stay some more days to look around in Hong Kong or around it.
    Take care,

  4. Will be great to meet with you again Eszter. We shall be a group of 8 participants from Tsad Kadima