Saturday, 31 July 2010

'Pheasants, labradors & Nigerian dwarf goats'

Good luck to them … maybe CE should learn!

It is always nice to see the ways in which awareness of the term 'Conductive Education' seeps into a culture, here American culture.

American culture is highly commercial so, especially if you are American, you are probably well aware of the following sort of marketing.

Here is a straightforward way of doing it. You take a word, ('conductive' for example) and print a long list of phrases in which it commonly occurs and which people might conceivably search for on the Internet. Then you add this list to your website.

Presto! Lots of people visit your website who would probably never otherwise come. If enough turn up and you have an attractive product – Bingo, you have a sale.

Here is an inoffensive example: they sound like nice people and, if I wanted a Nigerian dwarf goat (I don't) I should be grateful for the contact:

It is an jolly and attractive site with some interesting onward links, more so in both respects than many within CE, and does no particular harm to Conductive Education – but it does represent one further example of how searches in the CE sector are increasingly clogged by 'noise' on the Internet, and in America of all places a lot of that noise is commercial!

By the way, does anyone out there know what this sort of marketing is called?

Maybe CE programs ought to learn from this and adopt the method themselves...


  1. Andrew,

    I love your weekend magazine style postings. I thought you might like some appropriate weekend magazine music to go with this one:

    Sorry, there are no pheasants, but there are goats and dogs.


  2. Well matched!

    I cannot help over the pheasants, either from my memory or with the help of YouTube.