Thursday, 29 July 2010

Poster presentations for the World Congress

Some guidelines and suggestions from the organisers

The following are suggestions only –
Guidelines for Poster Presentation
Location and poster panel
Poster sessions will be held at foyer area of the Congress venue. Each poster will be assigned a numbered display board (dimension: W 1000mm × H 2500mm).
Designated poster session
There will be a particular time designated in the programme for the authors to discuss their posters with Congress participants. Instructions about the day and time of the designated session and the number of the allocated display board will be given in advance to the first author (or presenter) of the accepted posters.
Poster set-up and requirements
Posters should be set up onto the allocated display board during 7:45am – 8:30am on 6 Dec 2010 (Mon). Poster size should be within W 910 mm (36 inches) × H 1830 mm (72 inches) in size and in portrait orientation. Adhesive Velcro dots or Blu-Tack can
be used to mount the poster on the board. Push pins are NOT allowed. NO multimedia facilities will be provided.
Presentation tips
When the time of the designated poster session arrives, the poster author/presenter will be expected to stand next to his/her poster for approximately 30 minutes, answering questions from those who stop to read his/her poster.
Planning the poster
1. Choose a poster style: one piece roll-up poster (e.g., A0 size of 841mm × 1189mm); individual columns (e.g., 3 columns of 280mm width); or individual pages (e.g., standard Letter size of 8.5 inches × 11 inches attached on colour card
2. Suggested Font Sizes (for reference only):
Title: 96 pt
Authors: 72 pt
Affiliations: 36-48 pt
Section headings: 36 pt
Text: 24 pt
References: 18 pt;
3. Lots of fancy things can be done, limited only by time, energy, and creativity;
4. For one-piece poster design, there are collections of PowerPoint poster templates available as free download from the internet (e.g. Download the desired PowerPoint poster template, add text, images and graphics and send it to a printing company for printing. Roll up the printed poster and keep it in a poster tube for easy carrying....

As a poster-presenter myself I am aware of specific questions arising, For example: 'How high above floor level will the foot of the poster be, as this determines the hight of the top? If you do have further questions on poster presentations at the Congress, please do not address them to Conductive World, but to the Congress Secretariat:


  1. What a small world!

    Thanks for this information. Only last night I sent an email to the Secretariat asking exactly the same as you ask, "How far from the ground does the poster display start?" This was the first question that the graphic designer asked me. She needed to know because of the appropriate size of the fonts used and also at what level any interactive articles should be placed.

    Her second question was "How far away is the audience?". This also influences the size of the fonts used at which level, although if the poster is eight feet from the ground one needs to be several feet away anyway to be able to read what is at the top.

    I will let you know when I get a reply to my questions.

    Just one more point, these guidelines state at the beginning that the display board is 1000cms x 25oocms but do not forget that the actual poster dimensions are slightly less at 910 cms x 1830cms (portrait).

    Thank you again for gathering this info for us all.


  2. PS
    I made a mistake in my last comment.
    It should read millimetres, and not centimetres, after the measurements.

    Sorry about that, hope it did not cause confusion.


  3. It comes of your using that funny French decimal system, designed to confuse us duodecimals...

    You would have had no reason in the world to be confused if you'd stuck to lbs and oz.