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Spiritual, alternative, holistic

What a lot of people have been waiting for
Conductive Education coming home?

Out of the plethora of this year's summer schools, not least in the United States, emerges one that reads very different indeed because it emerges from a particular and powerful American tradition. For convenience one might call this tradition 'spiritual', 'alternative' – and in its own sense 'holistic'.

That sense may be far removed from the common orientation of many of those who have been concerned with Conductive Education over the years, who might even find it antithetical or aversive. It does, however, overlap with the world view of many others, and for a few it accords wholly with their own.

One person who for sure would have agree with this, was the very fons et origio of the approach that has evolved into what we call Conductive Education today – András Pető.

I suspect that András Pető would have felt very much at home with the Flowing River School and Sangha.

If you think that you might too, read its extensive website, all of it:

Read it too if you do not, perhaps especially so.

Summer program...

Perhaps inevitably there is a summer program:

Maybe the practical and philosophical experience of a month at at Flowing River might prove an effective way of avoiding Conductive Education's 'annual summer hot potato', the pedagogy failure to 'stick' or even to 'catch' in the first place, and create the basis for an upbringing.

This is currently being aired (yet again) in the posting and comments at:

… and a real school

Don't skip through too fast. You might miss and important announcement:

Holistic Healing Education and Movement Based Academic School Program
We plan to utilize an adapted Waldorf curriculum, which offers a developmentally appropriate, balanced approach to education that integrates the arts and academics. We encourage the development of each child's sense of truth, beauty, and goodness with plenty of room for science, exploration, movement and play. We aim to inspire a lifelong love of learning toward the full development of each child’s unique capacities.
Our program design fosters emotional intelligence; integration of body, brain and heart; and functional independence for children with motor disorders such as cerebral palsy or who have neurological challenges causing developmental delays.
We include children with developmental challenges and promote awareness of movement based healing education, social recreation, Waldorf remedial education, Conductive Education and H.A.N.D.L.E. (Holistic Approaches to Neurological Development and Learning Efficiency).
We are in the planning phase of our year-long school program.
Please contact us with your interest in our summer program and our upcoming school program. We want to hear from you!

(I think that I am right in assuming that 'year-long' is the American equivalent of British 'all-year'? Do please correct me if I am wrong.)

More to say?

There is plenty more to be said around this understanding of 'holistic' and its compatibility (and otherwise) with other understandings of the word.

Do say it!

email address

Flowing River's email address is given as

I cannot get this to connect. Any clues, anyone?

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