Saturday, 31 July 2010

Summer again already

Then what?

A year ago Conductive World published a long posting welcoming the lazy, hazy days of summer in the Northern Hemisphere. Nothing seems to have changed much at one level. There is certainly no reason to say any of it again: it is still there if new readers should like to see it, typos and all:

Just one song to add perhaps, before somebody jumps in and adds it for me, Nat King Cole's Lazy, crazy hazy days of summer:

Indian summer?

A couple of sentences amuse me. I wrote that, for me –

...there will be no 'new term' to serve as deadline and the 'holiday' stretches into an indeterminate future. There are no longer any work-imposed deadlines. Ever.

It did not work out that way. By October Conductive World was de facto a daily publication. It seemed reasonable to recognise this and accept it as a discipline. As Bob Dylan supposely said:

It's what I do: its my work.

Anyway, one can hardly just stand by watching while the rain crashes. Tom Jones (What good am I? just released) sings –

What good am I – if I know and don’t do
If I see and don’t say?

Dreadful doggerel but it makes the point.

Over the year I have got used to working for nothing. Over the year to come many will join me in that salary bracket. I do hope that some of them who come from CE will wish to find ways of continuing their contribution in some way, even though no longer paid.

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