Monday, 12 July 2010


What do you think?

Three days ago Conductive World published information on a CE/Mediated Learning initiative for women with emotional disorders :

This gave rise to a short discussion thread on CE and Feuerstein, culminating in a link to a page on the website of Tsad Kadima:

This page is mainly in Hebrew. Without doubt it is probably the most important (and at the same time unnoticed) CE-listings page anywhere on the Internet.

A rashly superlative judgement – so here is another one. The final link listed on this page is to a brand-new ten-minute video Twins, potentially the most important single CE-video since Standing up for Joe:

The video is partly in English, partly in Hebrew. So far it has accumulated 125 views over its short online life.


  1. I watched this video last night.

    It is without a doubt the best video on conductive upbringing that I have seen anywhere.

    Andrew, I do not think you are being rash in your judgement at all.

    The Tsad Kadima family is living and learning in a conductive lifestyle from babyhood through to adulthood and, I suspect, through to becoming a pensioner too.

    After I had seen this video my immediate reaction was to wish I was working and learning along side them all.

    Congratulations to the Tsad Kadima family!

  2. Do watch these videos too: