Thursday, 12 August 2010

Awareness is as awareness does

Mere publicity is good publicity

An hour or so ago I was wondering why Scope and other scions of the disability trade were holding a 'conference' on whatever that conference is on.

Then I noticed today's 'doodle' at the head of Google's homepage, which puzzlingly tells me that 25 August will be the seventy-first birthday of The Wizard of Oz. While this is most certainly a fact, it is just as certainly a most uninteresting one – unless of course the figure '71' is of some particular significance to Oz-cultists, and you are one of them. To find out more I entered “The Wizard of Oz” into Google Mail and only a few minutes ago, this had already trawled 57 news items.

There's my answer. There is nothing new or of substance to be said on the topic of The Wizard of Oz, but Google is not daft and it got its result: free publicity provided at the expense of efforts of others.

I wonder whether this helps towards answering the question that I was asking earlier this day:

A personal connection

I too will soon be passing the seventy-one mark (I flinch away from the word 'celebrating'!) but I doubt that this will be stretching the ingenuity of Google's graphic designers.

Another fact, another uninteresting one.

And a tenuous link to Conductive Education

I am always in search of cheery windows upon Conductive Education and The Wizard of Oz offers good pickings.

Here's one. Over the years that I have known Conductive Education (from the start of the nineteen-eighties), CE has been swept up helplessly out its once-monochrome existence, as if by the force of a great whirlwind, to land in a strange and puzzling Technicolor world where nothing turns out as expected. A lot of those involved over the years (and not a few now) have been left as bemused as Dorothy –

I've a feeling we're not in Kansas any more...

I certainly have been.

Any other offers from this source?


  1. Oh Andrew......still love your mind explorations! This one really made me smile and had me thinking that you are wasted in academia; you should write a non-fictional romantic novel!

  2. I guess that you meant that as a compliment but I have never really been in academe.

    Maria Hari and I once fell asleep together, however, during the performance of a string quartet in the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, under the gaze of Janos Szentagotai no less. Maybe that would offer a good opening chapter for a 'non-fictional romantic novel'.

    Wasted (though not waisted). That's me.