Thursday, 5 August 2010

Can anyone help with this gentleman's problem?

Ouch! Whoops!

On a BBC website's discussion board yesterday...

Conductive Therapy
Posted by George Lamb (U14288837) on Wednesday, 4th August 2010
I have got myself in to a strange and not entirely wanted "debate" on the merits or otherwise of conductive education.
So I am asking for some pointers to either peer research or personal accounts of those who have been through it. I would hope to be able to put forward an alternative to the view that conductive education is a benign thing.
Ok thanks for any help.

This enquiry appeared on the message board of the BBC Radio 4 program Ouch! This promotes itself as:

The BBC's disability site: razor sharp, funny, interesting and friendly - a community you'll want to be part of.

Should you wish to respond to George Lamb's enquiry via the site itself, then you can do so after registering on a form provided:

Or you may comment here on Conductive World, below.

Previous mention of Ouch! on Conductive World

This referred to an contribution to the same discussion board, well worth reading, by Laurence Clark –

You will seen the Comments to this posting that Leticia Búrigo from Brazil sent in some critical words to the Ouch! discussion board.

These do not, however, appear in the Internet record:


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