Saturday, 14 August 2010

Don't forget CE2.0

Even if you are no techie, you're missing something

Writing on his blog this evening, Norman reminds us of a Conductive Education web resource that he created – and of which he carries the burden of contributing:

Just a reminder of the Facebook Group CE2.0 - the interface between conductive education and Web2.0
I've added a post with a link to some useful tools for tracking conductive education across social networks on the internet.
NB #CondEd is the hashtag for conductive education for those on twitter.

The FaceBook page to which he refers is to be found at:

Go have a look.

Norman is a real social-networking buff and must take credit for suggesting to SAHK the idea and the tool for the Social Networking platform for the coming Hong Kong Congress. He certainly leaves most of us behind in his grasp of this field. The very low level of networking of any kind within Conductive Education – both jn reality and on the Internet – is, I know, most galling to him.

I am as bad as anyone (well, to a degree) in not getting my head round some of the concepts that he has fed into Conductive Education. My weak excuses are that there is just so much new stuff to learn when I have not already grasped the basics and that I am already operating all alone at the extreme limits of my competences (in other words, I am operating above my level of potential development, with nobody to help me learn). What are yours?

I am the poorer for it.

Scrabbling to keep up I have just subscribed to Social Media Examiner, as Norman suggests: It is easy to join and it looks rather jolly:

Lots of answers here... and my usual underlying problem: I do not really know the questions.

I shall plod on and persevere.


  1. Thanks, Andrew. Kindly said.

    Actually, I know far less than appears. I'm just exploring possibilities most of the time.

    And having a bit of fun, mostly in odd moments like this.

    The Social Examiner blog does indeed look helpful.I've tried out one or two of her ideas ideas. Biggest frustration so far is sometimes not being able to use more than single word phrases (eg on Listorious to list my interests) so "Conductive Education" ends up as one word with no capital letters.

  2. Just one excuse!

    I am already much further than I ever thought I would be. Never having had a TV, video, walkman, iPod, or what ever other technology there is available that I could have practised on, I am quite happy with my slow but sure development.

    I am also doing it alone physically but always finding enough friends, and an excellant stepson, to offer help online when necessary.

    Norman is there to answer questions when it all gets beyond me too.

    I suppose I do have one excuse, time. That is the one that is preventing me now from delving deeper into all you write about, I have a train to catch.

    As I have recently starting indulging in coffee-to-go then it probably won't be long until I have internet-to-go too. Then I will have all the time in the world on trains to delve deeper.

    Although I may choose to stick to using train-time for slow reading and notebook writing, still my favourite media and tools.

    Thank you, both of you, for all the tips, and for making it sound so easy that I am prepared to have a go.