Sunday, 8 August 2010

Ester Cotton

  • 'Conductive Education'
  • 'The principles of Conductive Education'
  • 'Multidisciplinary'


  1. Andrew, do you have any ideas about why everyone followed suit? Why everyone continued using these same terms in English?

    Were no questions asked?

    Conductors can speak English and know that upbringing should be in there somewhere and pedagogy too. Where did these terms disappear to?


  2. Susie, I have lots of ideas, and would to spend the couple of days or so and have the informed help the both of which I should need to answer your questions.

    Once, in less diminished tomes, this would be a wonderful time of the year to undertake such a task, two or perhaps three warm, quiet days with Gill Maguire in her Library extracting a well documented bell book and candle from the archive, both published and unpublished, in answer to your questions, and digging out a few surprises too.

    Unfortunately such a scholarly possibility is no more.

    In brief answer to your first question therefore, suffice it to say that the scholarly tradition in CE never really took off and flew within the international conductive movement. This answer will have to suffice here too as answer to the rest of your questions as well!


  3. There certainly would be enough material in the LIbrary to do what you say, Andrew, or at least there was when I left.

  4. I would also like to add that using the library's resources to research questions like this was very satisfying to me and made all the efforts to gather and hold material worthwhile. One of the main purposes of such a library too, I think! I would also like to think that people will take advantage of what it has to offer when it re-opens after the summer holidays.