Tuesday, 17 August 2010


To readers of Conductive World

First ten issues of IQJ – Interconnections Quarterly Journal

IQJ is an on-line quarterly subscription journal in the field of childhood disability.  Issue 10 has just been published on line. Readers of Conductive World are being offered free access to issue number 10 – and to all previous issues. Your free access code is given below.

To claim your free access
  • Go to www.icwhatsnew.com
  • Click on IC Journal
  • Look down the page for the 'flower' logo (it also looks like a snowflake). Click on this.
  • For name, type: ben
  • For password, type: nicholson10

For people who work in multi-disciplinary settings with babies, children and young people (0–25 years) who have special needs.

Interconnections is UK-based but much of its content is of universal interest. Particularly relevant in the context of Conductive Education, are articles around Interconnections' own TAC approach to service-delivery (TAC = Team Around the Child) but other articles may also relate to readers' specific interests. Browse around.

Editor Peter Limbrick writes –

If you do have a look, I hope you will find something relevant to your work. I shall certainly welcome your comments if you have any.
ICQ would be happy of you shared this offer with others who might be interested

A couple of items directly CE-related

Sutton, A (2008) 1984, 2008, 2050, Interconnections Quarterly Journal, vol. 1, no 1,pp. 4-5

Baker, W., Sutton, A. (2008) Parent-child interaction as focus for early intervention: experience from early-age Conductive Education, Interconnections Quarterly Journal, vol. 1, no 2, pp. 14-22


If, following this generous taster offer, you would like to subscribe to future issues, then you may do so in the usual way, at the most reasonable price of £25.00 a year:

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Interconections Electronic Bulletin

Interconnections Quarterly Journal

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Have a look at the breadth or articles in IQJ, the different styles and contexts represented.

Is there nobody in Conductive Education, are there no centres or other agencies whose work does not fall into this broad subject category:

...multi-disciplinary settings with babies, children and young people (0–25 years) who have special needs.

And does what is done or experienced in Conductive Education hold nothing of possible interest for people working outside and around?

Get writing! 

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