Thursday, 5 August 2010


It exhausts me, just reading such things

Then I am rather older than Donna Speigel, the Galloping Grandma of Cincinnati.


One speaks often of the pivotal role of 'parents' in the worldwide spread of Conductive Education.

Let Donna Speigel's story serve as reminder of what grandparents do too, grandmothers and grandfathers. Some get public recognition, others do not. Heather Crate, for example has been awarded an honorary doctorate from Loughborough University for her work in setting up and running the Steps Centre..

(Oh, dear, I am rather older than Heather Crate, too!)

Other do not, so I am glad of the pretext to acknowledge them. It would be nice to hear about more.

Angelman Syndrome

Meanwhile... It is nice too to see reference to Angelman Syndrome again in the context of Conductive Education.


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(Includes a link to a good newscast on ABC)

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