Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Is this a rip-off

Or a boon, or a compliment?

Earlier today I was alerted (by Google) about fun and games at March of Dimes summer camps. Even though this information had arrived a year late, it raises a perhaps potentially useful general point about CE 'camps' and other short-term experiences, which I duly posted:

To open this page I had had to register for Docstoc, where I found a cluster of other old Conductive Education documents, clustered together like bugs under a leaf.

What is Docstoc?

Docstoc is the premier online community and marketplace to find and share professional documents. Docstoc provides the platform to upload and share documents with the world, and serves as a vast repository of free and for purchase legal, business, financial, technical, and educational documents that can be easily searched, previewed and downloaded.

I sent its CE URLs on to Gill Maguire to enter them into the Virtual Conductive Library, just in case she does not already have them all in her queue for registration.

One of mine

Amongst these CE documents published on Docstoc I found something of mine! This was surprising to me, as I had only just signed as a a new member of Docspot, and ad no recollection of ever having been on the site before. Putting aside (distinct) possibilities like sleep-walking on the Net and multiple personality, somebody else must have been into the site and posted it.

Who, when, why, how?
  • Who? The site tells me that my alter ego is somebody called called vvp81194 – or, more likely, some thing, a robot that has so far posted 2292 documents (also without their authors' knowledge?) on a dazzling range of topics.
  • When? The site also tells me that my presentation went up there on 20 July this year (since when it has reeived all of three visitors, two of them presumably being me discovering it and me again to write this posting!)
  • Why? Why did this robot pick on this particular document? Why indeed is it busying away doing this at all? I have no idea.
  • How? That's easy.The presentation is already floating around in Cyberspace (see References below). That explains how it was picked up but, as it is already freely available, I am even further puzzled about Why?

What, me bothered?

That presentation is my intellectual property, taken without my permission and put to a use that is not of my immediate choosing or under my control. There is a law about that.  Am I concerned about this in the particular case discovered here?

Not really. I am happy at the extra exposure. Those words have no monetary value. They add up to not the worst plenary presentation that I have ever given (though it was presented at the close of what was probably the most wretched conference, of any kind, that I have ever attended). So, what the Hell? If they are still of use, then perhaps that helps justify the effort of putting them together in the first place.

Maybe I am being careless, lack-a-daisical, irresponsible, but I am quite happy to see it up there. The question must, however, remain: What if I were not 'quite happy' at this? What if I should have contractual or other formal considerations that mean this old stuff should not now see the light of day? What if my ideas have changed so much since that time that I should like the presentation quietly edited, or buried altogether? (Oh dear, that opening adverb. Did I really know no better in 2001?) What if...?  I do not know.

Come to think of it, what else of my stuff is floating round out there somewhere that I do not know of. Maybe I should be less happy about people's reading some of that.

Or maybe, dear reader, some of  yours might be out there, somewhere?

Towards a Conductive Education Depository

As part of a much wider project, Gill Maguire and I are in the early stages of considering a Conductive Education Depository.

This is intended to put on line documents about Conductive Education that would otherwise never be seen. They would cover any aspect of the reality and the practice of Conductive Education, and all the circumstances in which this is embedded. They just might be extraordinarily important in the grand scheme of things – but they will be mainly the real, personal nitty-gritty of everyday living and working – and thinking. They can be in any language, and even hand-written. Access to this international archive would be free and wholly open.

Everybody who reads these words surely has something worth archiving in this way.

This is an early warning signal, no more. You may be hearing more of this on Conductive World – and especially on Conductive Education Information.


Sutton, A. (2001) Conductive Education: sink or swim? Presentation to the concluding plenary session of the IV. World Congress of Conductive Education Queen Mary and Westfield College, London, 12-14 September

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