Thursday, 12 August 2010

Lies, damn lies...

...and statistics

From Scope, announcing a forthcoming 'conference', The Future of Services for Disabled Children: Best Practice and Support

Currently 7% of children in the UK are disabled...

What sort of 'fact' is this?

Perhaps the answer lies in the context of what the conference is about, and what it aims to achieve. Clues from the blurb –

Best Practice and Support... cutting edge... progress made over the last few years which has sculpted and transformed services for disabled children... improved service provision across the board for disabled children and their families, enhancing equality and opportunity for them achieve efficiency in commissioning... ensure partnerships …

Perhaps this does offer some idea of what it is about. What it hopes to achieve is up to you to guess...

A conspiracy?

Perish the thought.

Cui bono (to whose benefit) could that possibly be?

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  1. I wonder whether this goes some way towards answering the question: