Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Macau, Dongguan and Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Beijing

Further details of post-Congress study tours

Now published on the Congrsss website: further details of reabilitations open for visits:
  1. Caritas Macau Meng Fai Nursing Home. A nursing home that provides rehabilitation and nursing care for dependent elderly, e.g physically handicapped, stroke, dementia.
  2. Caritas Macau St. Margaret Centre. A residential centre for women aged 15 years or above with mental, physical or psychiatric disabilities. The centre provides self-care, special education, counseling, recreational activities and medical care.
  3. Dong Guan Disabled Persons’ Federation Dong Guan Service Centre. A rehabilitation and education centre for children with special needs aged 3-10, e.g. hearing impairment, mental handicapped and cerebral palsy. The Centre provides therapies, medical treatment, education and integrated programs using the principles of Conductive Education.
  4. Guangzhou Ministry of Civil Affairs Guangzhou Children Welfare Institute. An orphanage that provides caring, rehabilitation, medical and education services to children with physical and mental handicaps. The Institute also provides integrated programs using the principles of Conductive Education.
  5. CereCare Wellness Centre. A centre with residential service that provides Conductive Education, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and acupressure for children with cerebral palsied aged 0-6 years old.
  6. Zhejiang Province Disabled Person’s Federation Mercy Rehabilitation Centre. First rehabilitation hospital in Zhejiang Province furnished with medical, surgical, orthopedic, pediatric, psychiatric, physical medicine wards. The rehabilitation section provides physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, hydrotherapy and Chinese medicine for physically and mentally disabled children aged 1-14 years. The Centre provides integrative programs using the principles of Conductive Education.
  7. China Rehabilitation Research Center. A hospital affiliated with the China Disabled Persons’ Federation which carries out research and offers training for professionals. It provides comprehensive medical, rehabilitation, prosthetics, psychological and social services to people with disability.
  8. Xicheng District Disabled Person’s Federation Rehabilitation Centre. A workshop that provides vocational rehabilitation for adults with mentally or/and physical handicaps.

A suggestion to the organisers

These useful thumbnails will be much appreciated but it might further encourage people chose if this information were to include the centres' websites. They may well be written in Chinese characters, but that is the readers' problem, one easily solved by themselves:

They should also help broaden appreciation of what is now being done in China.

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