Monday, 16 August 2010

Meaning well is not doing good

And that goes for informing people too
But how to achieve this?

I do not know why Google has just put out an Alert for a posting from January on a family-information blog from British Columbia:

Anyway, it has. Is it cruel to call this information a dog's breakfast? What is the poor unsuspecting parent expected to do to make sense of this jumble of good, bad and downright odd information.

Don't blame the lady who compiled it, either. How is she supposed to sort grains of wheat here from the bushels of chaff?

And don't blame people for trying to make sense of the world.

What a dilemma...

Answers and suggestions, on a postcard please


  1. Andrew - Can't get the link to work.

    "Firefox can't find the server at"

  2. Tried copying and pasting and it worked. Can't see what the problem is.

  3. If you can't, it is no use asking me!

    Thanks on behalf of others for this tip for slaying this little gremlin if they also come across it.


  4. If this well meaning but ignorant lady is sharing downright odd information, you really should let her know.

  5. For anyone following this thread, the original author posted a response at