Monday, 2 August 2010

Official enthusiasm in Valencia, Spain

Provincial Minister pledges official support

From Valencia's online newspaper –

Minister's commitment to early intervention to ensure equal opportunities for disabled children
Minister of Social Welfare, Angélica Such, has confirmed commitment to early intervention as an way to guarantee the principle of equal opportunities for a sector of the population that is 'especially helpless and sensitive to the effects of disabilities' – children with cerebral palsy, paraplegia, spina bifida, brain injuries or related diseases. She said this at a visit to the Centre of the Valencian Community Foundation for Neurorehabilitation (FUVANE).
The Government is working to make early care a universal reality in Valencia it is aware that 'many developmental disorders can be prevented if treated in time, and this represents a substantial improvement in the quality of life of those affected.'
She stressed the importance of the FUVANE Centre and praised its nwork, which 'provides early and specific implementation of András Pető's method of neurorehabilitation of children between six months and 18 years with cerebral palsy or related conditions.' In Spain, this is availableonly in Navarre and Valencia.
Such has visited the nine rooms in which programs are running with forty children aged between 6 and 18 years. She reiterated 'the support of Government for initiatives such as FUVAN's that contribute to improving the quality of life of the most vulnerable, especially children.'
The method developed by FUVANE is based on Conductive Education and aims to improve integration and motor function, learning and coordinated operations in children and adolescents who have limited motor skills. Its purpose is to enable these people to develop their full potential motor, cognitive and affective.


– (2010) El Consell apuesta por la atención temprana para garantizar la igualdad de oportunidades de los niños discapacitados, Rojo y Azul: Diario Digital de la Comunitat Valenciana, 14 July

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