Sunday, 29 August 2010

Missed a beat

Shape of things to come

Yesterday was an odd day, the time being definitely out of joint as the English summer holiday period drew towards its end in a chilly flurry of squally showers. And my Internet connection was playing up mightily. Perhaps unjustly, I blamed the latter on the aftermath of a less than satisfactory attempt to Skype a couple of days earlier, that resulted in mega-frustration to partners in both Hemispheres.. A Skype crash seems to leave my poor little computer with a bad headache and mental dysfunction for days.

As a result, I was trapped indoors by the foul weather yet at the same time almost completely excluded from Cyberspace. Several things promised to be done over the weekend, real and virtual, were not achieved. And I broke a pledge.

For nearly a year now the promise at the top of the left side-bar of Conductive World – to be a daily ezine – has been faithfully fulfilled, whatever the day of the year or wherever I might have been. Yesterday I missed the witching hour of midnight by fourteen minutes – I could not even get through enough before then and 'cheat' by posting at least the title to bag a timeslot in Cyberspace. So yesterday – no new posting on Conductive World.

No big deal in the great scheme of things. But I would have liked to be able to look back and say that I had written/published a daily, online ezine every day for a year. Serves me right for hubris. I won't have a second chance, since there are now less than four months to run of Conductive World's allotted span in its present form.

The gods and gremlins of Cyberspace being willing, I do hope that this will not happen again.

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