Sunday, 15 August 2010

Nice try, KondPed

But you were up against a bunker ideology

Do readers recall the posting on Conductive World on 5 August, about the posting on a BBC disability discussion board by George Lanb, looking for – alternative to the view that conductive education is a benign thing.

Well, Mr Lamb certainly got what he wanted, in spades!

Somebody pseudonymous ('KondPed') more that chipped in – but to no avail against reactionary, closed minds.

Perhaps one should not speak this way. How about 'the spiritually and creatively challenged' ? Either way, it is hard to see how one might bridge this enormous gulf in (mutual) comprehension. The discussion has now petered out, with Mr Lamb concluding –

The key thing for me is that the conductive education debate in the late 80's and early 90's won't be the same debate that is going on now. Education in the UK has changed.. .

Would be damned sad though if we still have the rubbish choice between exclusion along with dismally low or even no expectations of any kind of achievement or the Hungarian style 'forced conformity' to a normality that either doesn't exist or isn't relevant to disabled people's lives in the UK. I suspect there's a fair amount of stuff in the various journals about it, but as ever that makes it more or less inaccessible to most people. 

It will be interesting to see whether he goes on to use this elsewhere.

Meanwhile, come in KondPed, and thanks for trying.


  1. One contributor writes:
    "The key thing for me is that the conductive education debate in the late 80's and early 90's won't be the same debate that is going on now. Education in the UK has changed."

    Set aside the odd notion that there is a debate "going on now" (where?) about conductive education - or indeed ever about the education and upbringing of children with cerebral palsy.

    What I find odd is this: how can the writer be so perceptive as to see the significance to the debate of its changed context - and then elsewhere in this and other postings wholly fail to apply that insight?

  2. I had this alert from Google too, I was reading every word of that thread, over and over again as your posting appeared.

    The people writing, apart from Konped, appear to have very closed minds. It seems to that they did not read very many words on the URL sites that were offered them. Are they too frightened or lazy to look out into the real world and the real lives that people live there?

    When I had finished reading right through I felt like writing something on the end, the kind of response that such a blinkered "discussion" would get in any other context. Maybe it should be let loose here too but I am being too polite. I also have no energy to waste, life's too sweet and too short.
    But is there anything else, any other way that will stop people getting away with such nonsense? Anyway to stop the mis-interpretation and mis-representation of CE?

    Not plain facts and not sweet reason, that's for certain. KondPed tried both of these but it did not work.

    "KondPed", you sound like you might be a konduktor. Do please let us know if you are and even who you are. Just to thank you. It is so good to know that there is somebody out there willing and able to stand up and speak out for konduktív pedagógia.