Wednesday, 18 August 2010

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Social integration of CE in NZ

The steady, unspectacular integration of Conductive Education into the fabric of New Zealand society and its way of life illustrates what is a perhaps essential feature in establishing this system in any country.

New Zealand has been the most successful of all the English-speaking peoples at creating the basis for a national system of Conductive Education.

A report in the Dominion Post indicates how 'ordinary' CE is in NZ now. The Kiwi Battler is a national award scheme for charities, groups and individuals who battle against the odds or go the extra mile for their community. This year saw more than four-hundred nominations and the competition is now down to regional short lists. Regional winners will win NZ$1000 for themselves and NZ$10,000 for their favourite charity. A national winner will be named in October,.Winners at his level get a further NX$20,000 for their charity and NZ$2000 for themselves. Nathan Beaumont's report in the Dominion Post summarises the six regional finalists for then the Wellington region. They include:

Andor Cseh, who runs the Conductive Education Centre for people with motor and neurological disorders.

Good luck, Andor.


Beaumont, N. (2010) Community champions down to six finalists, Dominion Post, 18 August

Some recent background on CE in NZ


  1. There is more about Cseh Andor and his work in New Zealand in the Dominion Post today:

    Only a week to go before the voting closes.

    Good luck!

  2. Thanks for that, Susie, he sounds a true Magyar and a real Kiwi.