Friday, 6 August 2010

Remove body hair. Ripen green tomatoes

Er... 'train' someone by using Conductive Education

Useful, practical tips on the eHow to website...

Mock not. The search for useful knowledge is not to be gainsaid. And it is nice when  you when can see what the answers have been taken from.

So we should all be very careful what we say and how we say it. There are people out there who want to learn, and then to pass on what they found out about Conductive Education to others still. Popularisers or pros, they deserve better.

So do those who might potentially benefit.

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  1. I posted the following comment here about three hours ago, but for some reason it did not 'catch'. I had drafted and saved it in Word, so here goes for a second try.

    It doesn't take long for bad coin to spread within an economy, and that goes for the knowledge economy too.

    In the early hours of this morning Google let me know that the above information piece from 'eHow to' had been notified on the social networking site 'Friend Feed':

    Presumably the notification, from one 'McEducation' was automatic, and possible further such automatic notifications will spread this poor information further still and further... Any publicity is good publicity? Perhaps. Until you start drowning in it.

    I did try leaving a comment on 'eHow to' , offering ten points of correction to the article, but when I tried to register, access was denied. I also made a desultory attempt to write on 'FriendFeed'. It is not my job to police the Internet, nor should the Internet be 'policed' anyway. What would be nice, however, would be for more people in Conductive Education to make a better job of declaring what it is really about there..

    Meanwhile, could anyone advise me on how to arrange for my Twitter and Facebook postings to appear automatically on FriendFeed and similar social networking platforms?


    Since drafting the above I made a further posting, on China.