Friday, 27 August 2010

Road to life *

Brave steps on a long path

Here is a nice report of one small child's journey into life through conductive upbringing/pedagogy:

There are other such reports published, but few and far between where there should be a swelling crescendo.

Poetry in motion

*   The allusion is to A. S. Makarenko's Road to life (A pedagogic poem). An epic of education

In 1986, relatively early on along my own conductive road, I wrote:

Education is hard to describe... Perhaps the work of education is ultimately conveyed only by a work of imagination.
Unfortunately, Conductive Education still awaits its Makarenko.

The blog posting referred to above is not a work of imagination, in that it was not 'made up', but perhaps it gives a steer towards the sort of content, transmuted into a work of the imagination, that might help convey the human 'truth' within Conductive Education, rather better that has the seas of words that have washed around it over the years.

Cottam, P., Sutton, A. (eds) (1986) Conductive Education: a system for overcoming motor disorders, London, Croom Helm, p.27

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  1. Andrew,

    when I posted the story of Independence Day I wished that I could have published photographs of this little girl's smiling face, her careful steps across the road and her turning head to left and right while holding tight to her rolator. I wished that I could have shown photographs of her looking behind to check if I was watching and the tremendous effort she made to get herself home, all on her own. I could not photograph the lump in my throat, the nod of her head that indicated that all was OK or the tear in my eye.

    It is nice to know that I have captured enough images of this precious day with words, and that photographs were unnecessary. It certainly was poetry in motion.

    There is more to come about this little princess and the tremendous achievments made by her, her Mum and her Grandmother this week.

    Thank you Andrew for acknowledging the work that I do on your blog.

    I remember well when I first read Makareko, only a few years ago. I was open mouthed with joy and surprise as I soaked up page after page of his stories about life, while at the same time I was thinking he writes a bit like I do! Actually I should have thought I write like him, or even I work like he did!

    It is nice to read about my work on your blog in the same breath as you mention the man whose books I now can not put down.

    Thank you