Monday, 23 August 2010

Social-science research for CE

New on-line resource
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In July of this year Conductive World suggested, perhaps rather tongue in cheek, that those concerned with the inadequacies of attempts at evaluating Conductive Education through mainly or solely quantitative approaches might look at the thousand-odd pages of Sage's Handbook of Qualitative Research:

Tongue in cheek, not least because of the price:

SAGE Research Methods Online: coming soon!

Here comes another wave of information from Sage to help clarify and advance the thinking of those in Conductive Education on the look out for 'new' (to CE!) ways of social-science enquiry relevant to this field.
  •  An innovative new online resource from the world's leading research methods publisher
  • A dynamic research tool with annual content upgrades and evolving feature
  • A one stop methods shop for researchers and students in the social and behavioral sciences
  • Search and discovery tools to support researchers as they browse and discover relevant material
  • Launching with over 100,000 pages of book, journal and reference content from leading global authors
  • 2,000 methods, theories and terms, across qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods Launching 2010 – sign up now for regular news updates on this exciting new product
Sage's bumf is a bit coy about how much this might all cost in the long run (Sage is after all a multi-national corporation, not a charity) but there will be a free taster and you can sign up to be included in this.

At least take a look at the brochure:

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