Friday, 20 August 2010

Summertime jobs

Still a conductors' market
Never mind the recession, and never mind the summer holidays in the Northern Hemisphere, over the months of July and August, people are still looking to employ conductors. Over these two months there have been ten job vacancies advertised on CONDUCTIVE WORLD JOBS – from Hungary, Germany, the UK and the US, in a varied range of contexts. Here is a brief breakdown:
  • advertisers are beginning to take advantage of the opportunity of posting in languages of their choice
  • what they are NOT doing, though, is reporting back when their job has been filled
  • conductors themselves have not been advertising their availability (if this reflects a continuing, chronic imbalance in this market, then this too is a matter of note in the teeth of the recession)
  • no vacancies in Conductive Education other than for conductors have been advertised
  • nine of these ten jobs involves children, only one an adult, only three of these ten jobs involved working in an institution of some kind, one involved a Saturday job, two required a conductor to go with a child to school, the rest might be characterised as wholly personal or family arrangements.
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