Friday, 27 August 2010

Two stories of death and life

Doctors baffled

Norman Perrin's blog relays a fascinating story about a man in Southern England, now 66, who suffered a serious stroke in 1993, and spent some time 'locked in'. He is now out:

And within an hour of reading that I saw a SKY News report of a two-pound baby in Australia, apparently dead at birth, who is now apparently progressing satisfactorily at five months:

Interesting pair of stories, different but in some ways similar. Compare and contrast!

At opposite ends of the Earth, at very different stages in the lifespan, and both construed in biological terms ('unused brain capacity', 'kangaroo baby'), though the psychological contribution screams out loud for investigation.

Coincidence? Totally unrelated phenomena?. Perhaps. Or perhaps there is quite a bit of it about, in one way or the other. The only surprising thing might be our surprise.

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