Tuesday, 3 August 2010

World listings of CE centres restored

Links live again on CE Information

Gill Maguire's listings of places where conductors work are the most comprehensive and up to date  currently available (though she would be the first to point out that they can never be, by their very nature, completely up to date).

She has just discovered that, for whatever reason, the links to these lists on her site Conductive Education Information had unexplainedly gone dead (worse, she does not know how o they have been off line). Whatever the reason for this, she has corrected this fault and you will find them all working again at:

Scroll down the right-hand column of the page, and find them under Directories. There are currently the following listings to be found there:
  • Conductive Education centres in Germany 2010
  • Conductive Education centres in the UK 2010
  • Conductive Education centers in the US 2010
  • Conductive Education centres worldwide A-F 2010
  • Conductive education centres worldwide I-Z 2010
  • Conductive Education newsletters 2010
  • Conductors with consultancies 2010
Click on any link there to be taken to the respective list.

As ever, she asks that she should be notified of any places not on these lists, closures, correction etc:



  1. Thanks, Andrew, for drawing attention to this.
    Could I just point out that you have mistyped my email which is gmaguire1@yahoo.co.uk


  2. Sorry. Too much excitement!

    I have corrected the email in the body of the posting.

    'Mamma Maguire' does not look right really.