Thursday, 23 September 2010

Ah, 'the Continent'

Time to pick and crush the grapes

Even in chill and dank England we are having a lovely September. The latest blog from the CE day centre in Rosenheim in Germany offers reminder that it must be even nicer further south:

When in Rome

I recall a similar blog posting from Pouilly-sur-Loire in France, reporting a similar bit of conductive living that had happened there a year ago from now, almost to the week:

Fin Septembre à Pouilly sur Loire, le village vit au rythme des vendanges...
Upbringing has to be an integral part of family and social life. Here in the British Isles we have no Weinlese and no vendages (well, so little over the last centuries not to have become essential to a way of life – though perhaps now this will be  be increasingly changing!).

Maybe it would take a foreigner looking in to say what we do have.

Climatic, cultural, economic and social contexts

Autres pays, autres choses... surely we all have great rhythms according to which we live our lives, even in the technologised and homogenised twenty-first century, and surely conductive upbringing adapts to and reflects these. Doesn't it?

Conductive Education (to varying degrees and definitions) is spreading across an extraordinary range of climates (from Tromsø to the Gulf) and embedded within a perhaps less extraordinary range (though still a wide one) of cultural, economic and social contexts.

Much of this effort does not amount to conductive upbringing but, even granting this, there is a noticeable lack of reports, however oblique (like the two referred to her) to draw attention to how bigger, more fundamental circumstances might be incorporated in the emerging mix.

A complete articulation of what constitutes Conductive Education will surely have to begin at the macro-level. No doubt holding December's big Congress in Hong Kong will really force this to the forefront of attention.

(Or maybe not. The fifth Congress was held in Japan. If  left any impression at all upon the field of Conductive Education, this vanished without a trace.)

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  1. Andrew,

    I wrote about macro-level conducting in a blog about the climate and its conduciveness to conduction not so very long ago. It was nice to see you referring to the same thing here and emphasizing its importance in conductive upbringing: