Sunday, 12 September 2010

Autumnal interlude

When winter comes...

For the second time this year a hush seems to fallen over the world of Conductive Education. Last time this was suggested on Conductive World things had perked up after only a day or two. No doubt the same will happen this time.

No matter, perhaps one way or the other. A chance to lie back in warm, dry autumnal sunshine and look at the dried-out leaves fluttering from the trees, and the conkers ripen.

And up above them the most remarkably blue sky, with small bright cumulus clouds rushing across on the warm wind, whiter and fluffier than any that I recall having seen since childhood.

And what about Conductive Education? I think that on a day like this I can just let it blow by anong with the clouds, changing shape, spitting up and dissipating as I watch. There are a lots of others coming along behind and – for the moment – it's a lovely day, and looks set to be a lovely autumn night too..

Tomorrow, who knows?

I shall keep my meteorological watch on CE a little longer, till Christmas, after which – metaphorically speaking – I shall go indoors for the winter while harsh winds strip off the remaining dry leaves and dead wood, and prepare us for spring.

Come spring I expect to look out of the window and see that the stronger plants will have survives and that some of the new shoots welcomed on Conductive World over the last couple of years (and some of the weeds too!) will be coming through strongly enough to begin to change the whole landscape in ways that nobody will have expected... Enough!

I think that I have indulged myself enough with this little piece of whimsy.

As for clouds, I never really knew clouds at all, either.


  1. I know clouds well, especially those in Norfolk skies.

    I have been treated to some wonderful cloud formations over the past few days all stored in my head and camera for my paintings. Some flat bottomed, heavy with a shower of rain, others fluffy and white like yours.

    Yes, they come and go especially on the windy east coast, just as people and projects in the conductive world come and go, that's lfe.

    I love the changing sky, the wind that blows away the old weather front and sweeps in the new. I grew up with it on the Norfolk coast, I even wrote my dissertation about it at art school!

    I still find it so exhilarating when I walk on the beach and get blown inside out and also as I move through the breezy conductive world leaving the old and meeting the new.

    It was for example a real a pleasure to experience the gust that blew Anne Wittig in this week! Let us wish for a forecast with more of the same kind of weather in the future.

    I liked this posting of yours, thank you.
    I had planned to write about the clouds myself. I will paint them instead!


  2. CLOUDS=Conductive LOUD Speaker
    C for Conductive
    LOUD for LOUD
    S for Speaker

    Does our "clouds" plan a long winter sleep?

  3. Bows and flows of angel hair, and ice cream castles in the air, and feather canyons everywhere -- I've looked at clouds that way

    And not they only block the sun, they rain and snow on everyone, so many things I could have done, but clouds got in the way

    I've looked at clouds from both sides now, from up and down, and still some how, it's clouds illusions I recall, I really don't know clouds at all

    Quality Canadian folk music Andrew -- warms my cockles it does

  4. Many good things come out of Canada, Lisa...! She was a lovely girl, bonkers as they come. I'm sure she will have made it...

    You get it Rony, I will be off to the compost heap to enrich the ground for next year's crop!

    Thanks,Susie, paintings might be a better way to say it, but words are all I have (and yes, please don't quote me the BeeGees: I have already sited them on this blog,and once is more than enough...

    For a little longer,

    Still Andrew.