Saturday, 18 September 2010

Break over

Normal service resuming

A week's break from blogging about CE and related matters. What a joy! Back to the grindstone now, having learned animportant lesson: yes, I can live without it!

For the future

Regular readers will know that, after the end of this year, Conductive World will no longer be published in the same form. The preferred change will be to cease daily publication of new postings (often 'news items') – though retaining fortnightly or three-weekly publication of longer analytical materials (essays). The opportunity would also be taken of improving searchability of the body of materials that have been built up here over the last three years – to offer more of an encyclopaedic facility.

Meanwhile, it is devoutly to be hoped, new and diverse CE blogs will continue to come into being from a new generation.

On top of that, will offer a quite different framework for communication, both within the field and with others outside. Conduction has already incorporated CE Jobs and CE Market Place, and announcement of forthcoming CE events. With an appropriate mechanism it could readily subsume – for example – the news function. More importantly, it expects to introduce some altogether new (to CE) ways of communicating. If you would like to be kept informed, go to and register your email address there.

This last week's experience has rather reinforced the intention to cut back the frequenct of postings on Conductive World.

Perhaps of course none of this matters. Readers' views, either as a public comment below or by private email, are as ever welcome.

And if readers do not have any views on this, then that tell something important too!

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  1. Nice of you to be so considerate Andrew, and start a Conductive World rehabilitation program for us (: