Sunday, 5 September 2010


Ready or not

SAHK has officially confirmed the end of the early-bird arrangement for reduced-fee registration for the Hong Kong Congress:

Those who have submitted presentations and posters are approaching that awkward phase in which they have committed themselves to what they are going to say but wondering whether the march of time and its events might dictate something else! Let us hope that some at least are in this position: six months are a long time for one's experience and thinking not to develop.

The count-down at the top of this page, just under the map, says that only ninety days remain to the start of the Congress. Both experience and thinking have time to lurch a step further forward during that time.

Nobody knows better than myself just how close to the wire preparing for a conference presentation can go. Nonetheless, it really is time to settle down and draft some supportive materials – and in these days of the Internet – some preliminary reading for those who might be tempted to attend something of mine..

And in these days of the Internet I am already reminded that more sensible people are already well on the case:

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