Wednesday, 1 September 2010


A think tank for Conductive Education

Conduction creates a think tank for the world of Conductive Education. It begins its public-service role by bringing together online resource bases for those who use or seek to understand Conductive Education, those who work in it or help provide it, and anybody ‘outside’ who just wants to know.

One-stop resource-base for Conductive Education for all. Jobs, information, special interest groups. Site to be under continual construction. All may contribute. Sign up to receive updates of new activities:


  1. I do sincerily hope that '0 comments' is an evidence of slow reaction time rather than of a sealed fate of this important initiative

  2. Conductive Education... perhaps this is the nature of the beast, spectators not actors in their own destiny. Given the very essence of the approach, then this might appear somewhat paradoxical.

    Or perhaps it is early days. There is a enormous weight of tradition and socialisation in all CE's subgroups.

    More likely, people in Conductive Education are just like most others, with only a minoruty wishing to play active. public roles. Conduction was established to identify such a minority to eachother, and provide them s stage whweupon they can act and interact, and present themselves and Conductive Education coherently to the world.

    Give Conduction a bit of time. It has yet to put in place some of the structures that might begin to achieve this. Let us see what it can generate...

    I am sure that there will be lots of others just as impatient as yourself.