Wednesday, 22 September 2010

A very naughty boy *

Aplologies for confusion

The Great God Google has been playing up again, not the search engine but two if its off-shoots, vital to Conductive World, Blogger and Gmail.

Yesterday Blogger particularly was being a very naughty boy. It so mangled a posting that today I have had to take it off altogether and replace it. You will find it (still misplaced!) at:

One infuriating problem, the uncalled-for line pacing in the heading of this posting, just refuses to go and must leave its scar till the end of Cyberspace.

Emails are also doing some odd things.

Or maybe a bad workman is simply blaming his tools. As anthropologists and mythographers well know, ignorant people may make sense of strange and powerful forces and phenomena in their world by personifying them, from which it is but a short step to attributing them malevolent intent. Hence my primitive and animistic view that there are Cyber-gremlins out there, intent on confounding my every intention. I am surely not alone in thinking this way!

I was very rushed yesterday. Festina lente! Perhaps I should simply blame myself.  Sorry.

No supernatural being

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