Saturday, 25 September 2010

International consultancy is big business

Selling to the Gulf

Piscari is a consultancy business.

It has a Board of Directors:

It has an Advisory Board:

It does educational things:

Piscari Associates works in partnership to deliver extraordinary programmes that enable improved outcomes and measurable impact for both the private and public sectors. We inspire our clients to raise the bar and achieve best performance and best practice in everything we do, with continual impact assessment carried out along the way. We achieve this with a talent pool of over 100 hand picked, experienced professionals who all have a passion for their work, a belief in transferring skills and a drive to deliver excellence.

We believe in equipping people to solve their own problems and embark on every programme with sustainability at the core. Solutions are locally driven and locally led with Piscari Associates building capacity and capability along the way, working with proven processes, tools and extensive shared learning.

One of its products is Conductive Education, particularly for states in the Gulf, Kuwait, Bahrain and Abu Dahbi:

It must know a thing or two about business that people in Conductive Education do not know. This is what it knows about Conductive Education:

Business must be good. It advertises for new conductors widely and continuously, this week for example:

I wonder what they are like, the work and the services provided in this way.


  1. I followed up

    Does the UK Federation still exist?

  2. No it was wound up quite a few years ago. The source of the piece at the URL you mention is Canada, which is a surprise as Piscari is based in the UK. Wonder who is 'advising' them?