Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Internet claims to be policed

This potentially affects Conductive Education

The United Kingdom's Advertising Standards Authority is to extend its aegis to cover claims and statements on the Internet. This will come into force on 1 March 2010, in order to give advertisers and marketers time to review what their online materials. Here are a couple of tasters of this new world:

This will of course affect all sorts of services, treatments and therapies offered to people with disabilities and their families – across potentially the whole field of 'special needs'. It will also cover fundraising, and extend to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

If you are in the United Kingdom and you have a website that may be affected, you have six months to clean up your act. After 1 March, sites that raise cause for possible concern will of course be open to being reported to the ASA and will have to answer accordingly.

Interesting to see that Google is putting money into this. If you are not in the United Kingdon, then do consider that here is a policy meme that seems a likely candidate to be taken up in other legislatures.

I find myself in a contradictory position over this: I am a fervent supporte of freedon of expression on the Internet, even though I hate a lot that I see espressed there.  I shall not, however, miss all that rewiring of the brain

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