Thursday, 30 September 2010

Mention of Mária strikes a chord

A pictorial memorial on Flickr?

Mention on of Mária Hári on Conductive World always seems to cause a small, warm ripple of response in the world of Conductive Education, at least amongst ladies (and gentlemen) of a certain age who met her face to face, as conductors (and student conductors) or as parents, be they Hungarians or foreigners.

She has left some some warm, fond and easily rekindled memories around the world. Yesterday's posting showed this effect again.

There has been a small spiking of hits to this site (nothing spectacular, but enough to feel the wave), and this has been echoed on Facebook:

Susie Mallett has published a nice memoir of her own personal experience of Mária:

Norman Perrin has made a very interesting suggestion:

Mária on Flickr?

This is Norman's suggestion: our meeting room at Paces Campus hangs a picture taken at the 1993 Sheffield Summer School. I took it down and scanned it in.

There must be literally hundreds of (often treasured) pictures around the world. Does anyone agree it might be a good to set up a Flickr account to collect them in one accessible place?  (I only have this one picture of Dr Hari - but I'd be happy to set up a Flickr account if given the right encouragement.

Lovely idea, Norman. You certainly have my encouragement. I had better dig out some photos from my chaos and find somebody with a scanner.

If you reading this and have any photos of Mária that you would lie to share, then you can contact Norman at:

What would she have thought of this? In her later years she certainly enjoyed the emerging Internet technologies and was delighted to communicate by the then still novel means of email. Pictures of her, though, who knows?

I have pondered Norman's suggstion in this light. I would like to think that if ding this would serve to draw greater attention to the ideas and values that were so important to her, and now need all the help that they can get, then I suspect that she would pause, think for a few moments while she weighed up the political pros and cons (mainly the potential benefits or otherwise for the Institute) then say, 'Yes. That is good'.

I do hope so.

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