Monday, 20 September 2010

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Towards CE-blogging 2.0

I have been contemplating the section called Selected Blogs on the new website What is a 'CE-blog'? Which ones are appropriate to select? Who decides?

The answer to the third of these questions is the easy one. For the moment, I have to. In the longer term, however, one will have to look to develop criteria, both out of principle and out of practice. Meanwhile, it is early days and important to get started.

So what is a 'selected CE-blog'? A blog that deals in some part with conductive pedagogy/upbringing, and relevant matters. And comes out fairly regularly (and still does). And has something to say.

Yes, these is still some way short of firm, quantifiable criteria!

A social role

CE-blogs are important not least because for some time now the CE-blogosphere has been the only means whereby new ideas, information, experience, etc. are publicly shared within this sector. Whatever great discussion or wonderful practice happens in the privacy of people's homes or centres, this is rarely shared in other ways.

There is a ginormous World Congress coming up and it will be interesting to see how effective this is in sharing ideas, information, experience etc. Maybe it will be fantastic at this, maybe not. Maybe it will generate an exciting and energising flurry of new ideas and formulations, though previous such Congresses have not. Whatever it does, however, it will do so out of the gaze of the wider community of people who might benefit – or contribute.

The new CE think tank Conduction aims to create a structure whereby a variety of knowledge systems and processes might be brought together ( One contribution is that of the CE-bloggers (hence the exercise that has prompted this posting – selecting CE-blogs for particular public attention). Not to put too fine on it, the CE-blogosphere is presently the liveliest feature of the public persona of Conductive Education (no different in this respect, I am sure, as in many other fields). This list of Selected Blogs should prove a lively destination.

Towards 2.0

So far there are seven blogs listed under Selected Blogs (in addition, includes two further blog links, both to blogs by Gill Maguire that are already in stages of being absorbted into Conduction itself.). It is to be hoped and expected that the number od Selected Blogs will grow.

Things are changing. Norman Perrin has announced that he is rejigging aspects of his Paces blog. Conductive World has announced the intention of major changes. Anna Wittig's Moving aHEAD offers a window of the growing 'consulting' sector. Susie Mallett's new 'offspring' blog, Conductive upbringing and lifestyle, was announced only yesterday and will try and bring in anyone with something relevant to share. Ben Foulger's Geek offers this blogging renaissance its technical helpmate.

The 'old' blogosphere remains (and for the time being at least will remain listed in the left-hand tool-bar of Conductive World). I hope soon to move some blogs from there into the 'Select' list – oh dear, that does sound awful but all that is meant is that if they meet the loose criteria stated above.

What it takes

CE-blogging is public. It can be very testing indeed to write down your stuff and publish it for critical (and not always friendly) examination by the world at large. Some people find it quite daunting to to do this, and in confronting this demon, they are being very brave and are themselves transformed. Along the way they may help transform the field.

If CE-blogging has a discernible achievement to show for its existence to date, this is long overdue emergence of 'upbringing' (to use the English word) as a serious matter for attention and debate. This is one fairy out of the box that is unlikely now to be shut back in! Its discussion has come from no one source, its emergence has been a matter of synchronicity of concern, mutually reinforced.. There is some way to go till the topic coalesces as a coherent position within Conductive Education, but a process has been started that is unlikely to have happened otherwise and is unlikely to cease.

Plenty of other processes and positions within CE are very much in need of such display and knocking around in the light of day. Without such attention, then it is hard to see how old and erroneous understandings and practices will be kicked around and then kicked out, and how new ones can become established. CE-blogs are not the only potential mechanism that we might have to do this, but it bears the distinction of being up and running.

CE-blogging needs YOU!

More new voices are needed to swell this second generation of CE-blogging. Those who have already trodden this path will gladly offer advice and guidance.

I have heard it said that a blog should be the following:
  • entertaining
  • instructive
  • useful.
Well, maybe. There can be no hard and fast guidelines and the main advice is perhaps 'Be yourself'. Be personal or 'professional', in whatever measure suits you, popular of academic, human or technical, cool or passionate. Be all of these if you wish. If you do have something to say, just,get out and add your voice to the growing selection.

And that applies no matter what role you play in the big wide world of Conductive Education, and in whatever the language you chose to give voice.

* The little things you say and do

Added together and expressed aloud and in public you may find these apparently little things resonating with those of others. Try blogging it and see. You can always let a blog drop if other things press in on your life, then take it up again as it suits.

You might even find it addictive.

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