Thursday, 2 September 2010

Rewrite tomorrow

Do it now, please

Readers may recall a posting on Conductive World a week ago, on 26 August, about less than helpful information about Conductive Education on the website of 'Rewrite tomorrow', a campaign run by the European Parkinson's Society::

Aware that there is a growing body of opinion about not letting people get away with disseminating poor or misleading information about Conductive Education, I persisted and found two ways to send emails, one to the campaign and the other to the EPDA itself. I did so, referring the Society to the above posting.

I have received no reply, no acknowledgement – not even an automated response from a robot to say that everybody is on holiday.

The offending page sails on regardless.

I do not expect the Society to jump to my bidding, or anybody else's, or even to agree with what I write. I do expect, however, normal business practices, enhanced in an organisation there to serve disabled people and their families. I do not have Parkinson's, nor does anyone whom I presently know – but the EPDA does not know that and should maintain a client-standard default position of immediate response..

I think that 'Rewrite tomorrow' is a great campaign slogan.  I do know that today may often be too much to ask for and that tomorrow may have to do, for all sorts of matters far more important that my little enquiry.

But do not expect mañana.

Now for the tiresome business to of finding who is in charge.

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