Sunday, 19 September 2010

Six principles

Teach for America
Six principles of effective teaching

These principles have been 'road tested' from Teach for America's experience of working with 25,000 teachers over the past 20 years:
  • setting big goals
  • involving learners and families in these goals
  • planning purposefully
  • executing effectively
  • continually increasing effectivenes
  • working relentlessly.
Any relevance to CE?

OK, these are principles of management and 'leadership' rather than of pedagogy. Given the intellectual and moral nihilism of so much public provision for the learning and development of children with motor disorders, this disrinction seems a minor quibble. If only though there were such principles to drive services for children with motor disorders, then there would be a real, welcoming place for conductive pedagogy as a tried and tested means to deliver.

Unfortunately we are still in the position of there being no general social acceptance, whatever country we are in, that it is problems of learning/development involved here – just treatment/therapy.

In the meantime, of course there are enlightened islands where pedagogy and upbringing are recognised as legitimate ways of understanding and providing for motor-disordered children and adults, and their families. The 'six principles' of Teach for America offer an interesting way for communicating what CE does to the wider world, certainly more plausible a way than some of then usual 'principles' that one hears!

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