Thursday, 2 September 2010

Some hope

Neither decry it nor deny it

A few hours ago, in a British local newspaper, an article by reporter Judith Phillips:

Phillips, J. (2010) Little Abigail responding well to stem cell treatment in China, North Wales Weekly News, 2 September

Everyone in the UK and a lot of other places besides know this story, not the story of this particular little girls's oddessey but all those countless others for whom she stands as type.
Nothing new in this one. To read it, though, you would not think that there is such a row raging about stem cells in the United Staes this week, and more mutedly in the United Kingdom. People's individual lives go on, and they do what they feel that they have to do.

My own very limited understanding of stem-cell therapy is that it does hold out enormous (though largely yet unspecifiable) promise, and that in ten or twenty years time we might see some benefit. Like many others, I hope that it will be there in time for me if I ever need it, whilst hoping against hope that I never will. I am thankful that in the meantime I do not have serously to bend my mind to it.

Twenty-odd years ago the big public row in the UK was about parents' taking their children to Hungary, not for stem cells but for shorter and shorter experiences of what was already being called 'Conductive Education'. Memories of all that inevitably affects my views abour the little girl from North Wales and her parents, about the people who have raised money for them to to go to China, about stem-cell therapy and every other desperate thing that desperate people resort to in their need.

I should not let it, but it does..

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