Sunday, 10 October 2010


And just another 10 to go...

What a date for the numerologists, and what a wonderfully dappy, ahistorical bunch they are!

More materially in the United Kingdom there are just ten more days till Her Majesty's Government announces the (first) fruits of its Strategic Spending Review, the first step towards the country's managed economic recovery – or, if you prefer it, its next step into double-dip recession. We shall see.

Readers outside the UK should be patient over the next couple of weeks or so if Conductive World brings a drip of prognostications then immediate news of this sorry business. Doubtless you all have your own economic tales to tell. If you feel that your own financial woes (or joys) are being ignored then do feel free to send an email to share them with everyone who reads Conductive World.

How now! What news?

As Gill Maguire keeps on remarking, news of Conductive Education has pretty well dried up around the world, apart from occasional local stories of small-scale money-raising. Might this be related (both in the UK and elsewhere)?

We are now entering an economically/financially very interesting phase Do let us all have your own news on how this might be impacting upon Conductive Education in your neck of the woods.

Perhaps the numerologists are not so dappy after all!


  1. A friend of a Facebook friend tells us that 'following the binary theme, 101010 = 42, which, as fans of "A Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy" will know, Douglas Adams wrote "is the answer to Life, the Universe, and everything ....."

  2. There you are, that just goes to show that there is something in it, and the government is hiding the truth from us...

  3. 10.10.10 was a much wanted wedding day date, but with Germany being Germany weddings are not allowed on Sundays, the Rathaus is closed!

    So the chase is on to get one of the spots on the next big day, 20.10 2010

    After that punters will have to wait until 11.11.11 and 20.11.2011 if they want to marry on a day that could be for them, the answer to Life, the Universe and everything!

  4. 10.10.10
    The official date of the academic school year in Israel, and the opening of the new Israeli "Conductive Education and cerebral Palsy Studies".
    We actually started the school year on September 1st, but officially 10/10/10 is a day to remember