Tuesday, 5 October 2010

'Big' matters

Irony doesn't

A week ago, writing about the involvement in CE in the Gulf of the international education consultancy Piscari, Conductive World wrote, under the title 'International consultancy is big business' –

It must know a thing or two about business that people in Conductive Education do not know.

The link provided to what Piscari does know is instructive.
This item in Conductive World has been picked up and linked to by the business site BIG.com, classified under Bahrain:

Links matter too

Never mind. BIG.com provides a link to Conductive World and – in the world of cyber-search, where links are a currency – points mean prizes!

So everybody wins. Now that is good business!

Add a link

Every little helps. If you add a link to Conductive World on your site, then that helps too...

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