Friday, 29 October 2010

Big splash in Nova Scotia

A justified celebration

There will be big splash tomorrow at the Legislative building, Province House in Halifax,  to celebrate Conductive Education's advance in Nova Scotia, following tonight's Rock for Dimes fundraising event. No doubt all this will reverberate across the Maritimes.

Read about tomorrow's event at:

See what's happening tonight, too:

To the Unknown Conductor

Politics, money, entertainment, philanthropy, will be at Province House tomorrow: tout Nova Scotia.

Er, not quite. What has happened in Nova Scotia (and around, I believe) shows, yet again, what can be achieved by the right person embedded in a local community. I am sure that conductor Beth Brydon will be there at the do, and that her central role in all this duly and publicly lauded. It is a shame, though, that she is not specifically mentioned by name in the coverage so far.

This sort of thing can and often does happen to conductors all over the place, and they can be understandably very sensitive to it, you know. So let us 'celebrate' Beth  here, and all those other like her, wherever they might be.

Hurrah for conductor Beth Brydon, and for all those other Unknown Conductors around the world who do rather more in this Great Game that just carry a spear, and whose names should be up there in lights, at the top of the bill.

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