Friday, 29 October 2010

CE, sell thyself

However you can

Garden furniture, special deals at restaurants, insurance, clothing, dodgy medication to combat flagging  powers, even dodgier get-rick-quick schemes, unsecured loans, legal services, things to do with computers that I do not undertand, ways to improve my business ... nothing that anybody might actually want, arriving in a steady trickle, my junk/spam-filter notwithtanding. Yours too, probably.

Presumably most of the senders picked up my email addresses through sales of old personal data or from automated searches.  I usually unsubscrtibe from all these emails as they arrive, though sometimes there just is not time to do this. Now I have begun systematically to shut down all such links with the Internet, in preparation for my big shut down at the end of this year.

Some of these emails offer no obvious means of chopping them off. This morning, for example a warm and friendly email arrived under the greeting 'Aloha, Gentleman', from a lady (please nobody tell me off for using this word) presumably offering me personal services from the South Seas. I did not click on the preoffered link for fear that I or my computer might catch an embarrasing infection. Since I cannot unsubscribe, no doubt she and her people will continue sending her Siren Song.

Where is Conductive Education?

But amazingly, over all these years, despite my two email addresses being widely available, and a considerable international correspondence stretching back almost to the dawn of emails, I have never once received an email starting something like 'Hello, Big Boy. Do you fancy some Conductive Education services?'

Given that this is 2010 and that the world is at it now is, should one not find this rather surprising?

I heard recently of a CE service that is trying to work out what it should be doing to attract clients. It is drifting down into Shakespeare's final stage of life: sans clients, sans income, sans services, sans jobs 
–  sans everything. I suspect that its situation may not be unique.

So what does one do in 2010? Cut prices, create attractive new products, diversify, put oneself selves about in every conceivable forum, get some strong PR going, scrape down to the very bottom of potentially relevant data bases, market, explore new demographics, advertise... America is quite a good place for finding such things. Some other countries, less so.

Maybe of course, uniquely, one will always be able to rely upon Conductive Education to market itself, and the world to owe it a living, just the way that it is.

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