Monday, 4 October 2010

Conductive World

Three years on

Conductive World commenced publication three years ago, on 4 October 2007.

How far it has and has not fulfilled expectations and intentions you may judge for yourself, by looking critically at its the first and third postings:

Conductive World was not the first CE blog (both Leticia and Norman, I think, started theirs earlier). Now Conductive World finds itself part of a small, diverse, vigorous CE-blogosphere, the only place on the Internet to find conductive pedagogy and upbringing described in detail, along with critical comment, theoretical questions and matters to do with CE's socio-political place in the world.

In this its fourth year Conductive Education will increasingly make way for the new blogs. It will change, with the first signs of this coming in December.

Happy third birthday, blog.


  1. Happy Birthday Blog!

    And thank you for all the wonderful things you give us to read, and to think about.


  2. Have you considered converting your blog into a book, Andrew?

    Check out

    I gather it works best with WordPress blogs. I've looked into it for my blog (purely for my own purposes - no intention to publish) but books created by Blurb from TypePad blogs need too much work repaginating the blog posts. You get one post per page, which can be too much!

    I've not needed to check out Blogger-to-books in Blurb but maybe its worth a look?

    Happy birthday, blog? Facebook said it was your birthday. Can both be true?

  3. Happy birthday blog- it has been some great three years. And of course Happy Birthday Andrew.Io like that little coincidence!!